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Air fryers have taken over and the craze doesn’t seem to be disappearing!

Lets get Air Frying!!  Start using little to no oil. Make less mess. Cut back on fat and my personal favourite - SAVE TIME!! Air Frying is not limited to just cooking, you can also bake your favourite sweet treats like muffins and cake pops!

Check out these 3 Easy Recipes with an Air Fryer

Make these at home within minutes! These recipes all use a basic air fryer and with little oil or ghee. Let us know whatyour favourite of the bunch!


Tempura avocados or fried avocados are an appetizer classic. They are simple  and vegetarian/vegan friendly!

This recipe is perfect for adding an extra crunch that you can’t get when you opt for the baking option. With the air fryer method, you don’t need to skimp on flavour, crunch and texture to get a healthier option in a pinch.

All you need are some ripe avocados, flour, oil (or Kissan Ghee), chilli powder, garlic powder, salt & pepper, and one egg. Also, you can use Kissan Fried Onions as a part of your coating mixture is a great way to add extra flavour and crunch to your avocados.

Let your air fryer to the rest in just 8 minutes!


Curry Poutine

Try this crowd favourite if you don’t have a lot of time! Poutine, a Canadian staple, works so well with our Curry Sauce, Tikka Sauce and even our Butter Chicken Sauce for a quick meal on the go! 

Use Frozen fries to save time and effort (unless you are feeling ambitious). All you need are some Yukon potatoes (or frozen fries), Kissan Curry Sauce, cheese curds, chilli pepper, salt & pepper, and spray oil and your favourite toppings (like diced chicken.) You can also make it vegan friendly by swapping the cheese curds for vegan cheese and top it off with cauliflower bites instead of chicken.


Garam Churros with kissan garam masala

Now lets end on a sweet note with these tasty churros that are just to die for! Churros are actually not as hard to make as people assume, especially with an air fryer.

For this recipe, we are tweaking it a bit by using Garam Masala to create a warmer coating and taste. Pairs well with a chai latte or even a Lassi Drink.


Hope you enjoyed these 3 Easy Recipes with an Air Fryer!


We are so glad you are here!  Let us know when you make this dish when you share to social media for a chance to be featured on our page!  Hope you enjoy this comfort food with someone you LOVE!


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