What's the difference between Kissan and Kisna?

Kissan and Kisna are both under Kissan International. Kisna products exclusively sold in the United States as they comply with FDA regulations and contain no MSG. Both products are identical in taste and flavour profiles. If you are interested in products not available in our region, please email customerservice@kissan.ca for assistance. 

Where do you ship your products?

Currently our products are only available within North America and the United Kingdom. However if you would like us to ship to a location outside of these areas, please email customerservice@kissan.ca with you full ship to address.

Do your products contain animal bi-products? 

No, all of our products do not contain any any animal enzymes or alcohol. For our Desi Ghee products please see below for details.


What is in our Desi Ghee? 

Kissan has been producing and selling premium and authentic Desi Ghee for over 35 years. Our  Desi Ghee is processed and packaged in a facility in Canada using butter purchased and governed by the Canadian Dairy Commission. 

Why does your Desi Ghee melt? 

Like coconut oil, when in warmer climates, during transit or storage, ghee will begin to liquefy. This is perfectly normal and does not impact the taste of our product. We suggest storing our Ghee in dry, cool area to avoid it melting.  


How long does shipping take?

All our products ship out of our Toronto, Canada warehouse. Orders take 1-2 business days to be processed. Currently we only ship directly within Canada, United States, and United Kingdom. For a more detailed break down of our shipping times and policies please review our Shipping & Returns Policy page. 

Can I return or exchange my order?

Since our products are food items, for health and safety reasons all of our products are final sale. If there is an issue with your order, please send an email to customerservice@kissan.ca within 3 days of receiving. 


Happy shopping!