Why choose Kissan International?

We have been in business for over 40 years, and we take pride in our products. We test them at every step of the way to make sure they are safe and of the highest quality.

At Kissan, we believe in the power of authentic, top of the line ingredients to transform your cooking and bring new life to your recipes. We believe in using ethically sourced material grown in the most responsible way possible to make our products taste incredible and give you peace of mind. Good food is more than just fuel for your body; it's also a powerful tool for self-expression, joy, and connection with others.

Our raw materials come from all over the globe, and we've worked with many of our suppliers for decades. These types of relationships are based on loyalty and trust in delivering the best quality possible.

We've worked with leading retailers and wholesalers in Canada and other parts of the world. They rely on us rely on us to deliver well made products that keep their customers content.

Our Masala blends are our family's own guarded recipes and hence cannot be found anywhere else! It is this unique blend that makes Kissan International so special and why our loyal customers keep coming back for more!

What's the difference between Kissan and Kisna Tandoori?

Kissan and Kisna are both under Kissan International. Kisna products exclusively sold in the United States as they comply with FDA regulations and contain no MSG. Both products are identical in taste and flavour profiles. If you are interested in products not available in our region, please email customerservice@kissan.ca for assistance.


Is your tandoori made in Canada? 

Yes, all of our Variations of Tandoori are Made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients.


Is there a colour variation between Kissan Tandoori Regular and No MSG Tandoori? 

No, the are the same colour.


What is in your Desi Ghee? 

Kissan has been producing and selling premium and authentic Desi Ghee for over 35 years. Our  Desi Ghee is processed and packaged in a facility in Canada using butter purchased and governed by the Canadian Dairy Commission.


Why does Desi Ghee melt? 

Warmer temperatures during packaging, transportation or storage can cause ghee to liquefy. However, rest assured that it is still pure Desi Ghee and perfect for use. This is perfectly normal and does not impact the taste of our product. We suggest storing our Ghee in dry, cool area to avoid it melting.


Is Ghee Lactose and Casein Free?

We cannot claim that our ghee is lactose or casein free. Very pure ghee (99 -99.5% pure butter oil) may have trace amounts of casein and lactose remaining after processing. Unless a person is extremely sensitive, it will normally not cause any issues.


Is your Desi Ghee made from grass fed cows?

All our butter is purchased from the Canadian Dairy Commission.  There is no distinction on whether the cows were grass or grain fed. Feeding depends entirely on the time of year and country of origin.


Why is Ghee More/Less yellow than last time?

Some butter fluctuations occur due to Cow’s diet at different times of the year grass/grain.


Kissan Desi Ghee is not like the brand I’m used to in India, is your ghee real?

We have been selling ghee for over 35 years, and we would not risk false claims about our product. Different manufacturers may process ghee a little differently. If you are used to another brand of ghee and are new to ours, you will find a difference, but this does not mean it’s not real ghee.


Why does Kissan Coconut Oil not smell like Coconuts?

Kissan Coconut Oil is refined, bleached and deodorized so it can have a wider range of use for people who want to use it for cooking or topically without the constant smell of coconut.


White spots/sediment in bottom of the Kissan Coconut Oil jar?

This is not irregular as coconut oil melts and solidifies in different waves.  The white spots are not sediment just un-melted coconut oil.


Why does Kissan Mustard Oil say "external use only?"

All mustard oil sold in Canada must state ‚Äúfor external use only‚ÄĚ


Do your products contain animal bi-products? 

No, all of our products do not contain any any animal enzymes or alcohol.


Where do you ship your products?

Currently our products are only available within North America and the United Kingdom. However if you would like us to ship to a location outside of these areas, please email customerservice@kissan.ca with you full ship to address.


How long does shipping take?

All our products ship out of our Toronto, Canada warehouse. Orders take 1-2 business days to be processed. Currently we only ship directly within Canada, United States, and United Kingdom. For a more detailed break down of our shipping times and policies please review our Shipping & Returns Policy page.


Can I return or exchange my order?

Since our products are food items, for health and safety reasons all of our products are final sale. If there is an issue with your order, please send an email to customerservice@kissan.ca within 3 days of receiving. 




"When Quality Counts, Trust In Kissan"