About Kissan

Kissan began with the Gulati family. Originating from Chandni Chowk - one of Delhi's largest wholesale markets - they operated a successful spice and grocery business prior to emigrating. They came to Canada for the opportunity to create a better life for their family. What it took was determination, passion, and family expertise with the spice business from their heritage in India.

The Story of Kissan began in 1974


Once settled in Canada they started creating their own authentic products line to fill a need in the Canadian market. Soon after they created a Kissan Store on Parliament St. Toronto, as well as a Fish & Roti” restaurant on Donlands Ave, Toronto. Soon loyal crowds and visiting Indian movie stars clamoured to taste Kissan’s Famous Fried Fish – served by “the Fish Lady” – Mrs. Indu Gulati.  

 They knew they needed to get the word out about Kissan.

Kissan Store Outside Kissan Store Inside Kissan Store Van
They created the now world-famous Kissan Tandoori Masala! The Gulati family worked long hours to produce and sell authentic quality products. The started the foundations of the brand they have today. However, despite great progress, this victory was sadly overshadowed when...

Mr. Gulati, was tragically taken away from the family due to unforeseen health circumstances over twenty years ago.

Original Kissan Warehouse Mr Sham Gulati Mr & Mrs Gulati
Facing heartache and numerous obstacles; Mrs. Gulati faced worked diligently to build new relationships and uphold the family business. During this time, family supported her, efforts paid off, business grew, and Kissan Tandoori Masala became world famous.

After a while, she called her daughter, who was professionally working in another province, to come assist with growth.

Mrs Gulati Reema Young
Reema, at 27 years old, uprooted herself and family, to rejoin Kissan. She redesigned the brand, created new items, launched products on Amazon and championed new developments to keep Kissan’s well-loved status – all while raising two children! (This hard-working mom even had a playpen at the office for a while.)

Reema takes personal pride in Kissan’s authentic products – most manufactured right here in Canada! 

Kissan has come a long way since the beginning including its new facility three times the size and are using it to continue to expand Kissan's business North America and beyond. But primarily, Kissan is devoted to their legacy of using their best love Kissan Spice mixes to create new and exciting time saving products for EVEN MORE people to love.   
Kissan New Building  Kissan Lobby

Kissan isn't just premium products; they are a Canadian success story - Join the loyal Kissan Customers!