Kissan Fish Masala

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Why choose Kissan

Kissan Fish Masala is a mix of spices that makes all types of delicious fish and seafood dishes. Calling all seafood lovers with our blend of unique spices! Pair your creation with sauteed veggies or even a light lentil curry. The possibilities are endless with this spicy and aromatic blend of unique spices for all your seafood dishes! 

  • Perfect for BBQ, pan-fried, baked or stir fry seafood in a flash!
  • Adds a bold flavour and bright colour to any seafood with this authentic spice, created with premium grade ingredients.
  • Great for creating tasty ‘pan-fried to perfection’ fish!


Spices, Garlic Powder, Salt, Monosodium Glutamate, Onion Powder, Colour,  Papain (Corn Maltodextrin), Carom Seeds.

What you can make