Salt is one of the most basic ingredients in cooking. It's what makes food taste good, and it's also a critical part of achieving the perfect texture for your dish. But there's more to salt than meets the eye.

There are many types of salt and then there's the issue of using them correctly. You may have heard that too much salt is bad for you, but did you know that not enough salt can actually ruin your dish?

Here's how to pick a good variety and use it correctly:

Kosher Salt:

Kosher salt is probably what comes to mind when you think of "salt" because it's what most people use at home. It is also used in restaurants because its large flakes make it easier to measure quickly and evenly than other salts.

When to use it: Seasoning meat and vegetables.

Sea Salt:

It imparts a distinct flavor to any dish, making it ideal for delicate dishes like seafood or caramel sauces where its subtle flavor won't overpower other ingredients but will still add depth to the dish as a whole.

When to use it: To bring out the flavours of any dish and to add a delicate crunch, sprinkle on top.

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is free from additives and retains its natural minerals, making it a healthier option than table salt. It also has a higher mineral content than regular salt, so it tastes better!

When to use it: Use it in cooking or as a finishing salt.

Table salt:

This is the most common type of salt and is often used for cooking and baking. It has a fine texture, which means that it dissolves easily in liquid, making it perfect for recipes with lots of liquids.

When to use it: Seasoning meat and vegetables before grilling them.

Black Salt:

Also called "Kala Namak", this Indian specialty has a very unique taste that's often described as "smoky" or even "roasted".Black salt can be used in place of regular table salt to add a little extra flavor to your food. It's great on eggs and potatoes, or sprinkled on top of popcorn!

When to use it: Add it to vegan dishes, or on mild foods.

Fleur de Sel:

The crystals it produces have a flower-like appearance, which gives it its name. Fleur de sel is not refined before being harvested from the sea. It is an additive that gives dishes a delicate crunch and taste. It's also really good for seasoning soups and salads.

When to use it: Sprinkle over finished dishes like seared fish or roasted vegetables.


If you want to make the most of your kitchen, there is no shortage of salt for you to try out. As long as you know how each kind is used and what kinds of recipes it works with, you can use it for a variety of cooking endeavors. Try picking up a few kinds next time you're at the store—you won't regret it.



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