Kissan Garam Masala

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Why choose Kissan

Kissan Garam Masala is a unique aromatic spice blend made with premium fresh ground spices and used extensively in Indian cuisine. Add a warm, sweet, floral notes, with a touch of heat to all your dishes. A perfect addition to any dish and can even be used in some baked goods! Try it both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals including, curries,  scrambled eggs, kebabs, pastas, soups, chilli, baked potatoes, hash browns, vegetables, samosas, rice, and more!

  • Earthy rich spices, including clove, cadmium and cinnamon.
  • A perfectly blended spice mix & kitchen staple!
  • Perfect addition towards the end of preparation for irresistible flavours.


Mixed Spices. 

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