Kissan Indian Cooking Starter Kit

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Why Choose Kissan?

Kissan Indian Cooking Starter Kit is the perfect gift for anyone that loves authentic home cooking. This kit includes your favourite spices, ghee, fried onions and our gourmet cooking sauce. All the key ingredients you need to make a delicious Indian meal right at home! 

This kit includes:

  • Our famous Tandoori Masala, perfect for any savoury meal.
  • Our Madras Curry Powder, great for any curry dishes and South Indian cooking.
  • Our Chana Masala is all you need to make the perfect Chana dish every time!
  • Our Tikka Masala, great for tomato-based or grilled tikka dishes.
  • Our Garam Masala, a blend of earthy rich spices that's essential in all Indian cooking!
  • Our pure Desi Ghee (400g) a staple in all Indian cooking!
  • Our crispy Fried Onions to add some zest to your curries!
  • Our gourmet Cooking Sauce (you can choose from our Butter Chicken, Curry, and Tikka)!

What you can make?