The Prefect Gift For Every Type Of Foodie 2020!

The Prefect Gift For Every Type Of Foodie 2020!

This holiday season is like no other and many of us will be getting together virtually so some of those old holiday traditions will look a little different this time around but that doesn't mean you can't still make it a memorable one for everyone on your list. Here is the perfect 2020 holiday season gift guide for every type of foodie in your life that will get them excited, so let jump in!

The Adventurous Foodie

This is the type of foodie who does not shy away from a cooking challenge and always pushes themselves to create something new. They can appreciate and taste of quality and has the palate of foodie ninja. An Adventurous Foodie is always adding their twist on classic dishes and adding secret ingredients that you just can't put your finger on it but you know it makes a difference in flavour. This foodie needs the Kissan Multi-Spice Pack in their stocking this holiday!

The Sweet Tooth Foodie

This is the type of foodie who is all about the desserts and can't go a day without a sweet treat. They love baking and getting creative with their creations each and every time. When they always try bold and exotic flavours with no hesitation. This foodie deserves the Kissan Exotic Jams Pack! You can gift them 3 unique fruit jams including mango, guava, pineapple, mixed fruit and strawberry. Mix and Match how ever you want! 

The Novice Foodie

This is the type of foodie who is always on the go and doesn't really have time to make home cooked meals from scratch. For this foodie we suggest gifting them the Kissan Gourmet Cooking Sauces Pack. This sauce pack will have this foodie fall in love with home cooking, while teaching them new and easy recipes that will save them time! Did we mention a recipe is included on the back of each bottle? It's also perfect for that specials friend or family member who can't come home this year and misses a home cooked meal.

The Multifaceted Foodie

This is the type of foodie who thinks a few steps ahead and always thinks of multiple ways they can use one ingredient. There not just about cooking but also about how each product the use can be repurposed. They love DIY projects and love adding their creative touch to everything they make. This person deserves the Kissan Exotic Oil Pack. This pack includes 100% pure almond and coconut oil with no added fillers. It's not only great for baking but also amazing for hair masks and a great addition to daily skin care. 



The Experimental Foodie 

This is the type of foodie who is always looking to make a new dish at home but doesn't know where to start. They want to try a new recipe but are missing a key ingredient or find themselves overwhelmed. Well this foodie deserves the Kissan Indian Cooking Kit! It has all the essential ingredients they need to make an authentic Indian dish right at home. This a great gift for every type of foodie because it lets them explore their own creativity to try new recipes without feeling lost.


If you are still not sure what to get that special someone, don't worry Kissan and Kisna is now also offering gift cards. Give them what they really want this year!

We hope this holiday gift guide offers some help during this 2020 holiday season! Stay tuned for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions this holiday season so you can start shopping early and save big! 

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