Kissan Tandoori Coating Mix
Mixed Spices
Kissan Tandoori Coating Mix
Kissan Tandoori Coating Mix is a unique mixture that
is easy to use and provides authentic tandoori flavors
to any type of meat or vegetable. . Simply dampen
meats, fish or vegetables with water, add 1 pouch of
Kissan Tandoori Coating Mix into plastic bag(provided)
and shake. Place on baking dish in the oven until
cooked. A healthy way to create authentic tandoori
flavours to your meal.

24 x 142g
Mixed Spices

Established in the mid 1970's Kissan International (Canada) Inc. has remained one of the leading manufacturers and wholesalers of authentic Indian products that include; Indian mixed spices, Indian pastes, ready to use Indian cooking sauces and dipping sauces, exotic oils, ghee, premium quality food colours, besan and fried onions.

The key component that makes Kissan a trusted name is the quality of our products. Kissan spice formulations are created using the finest fresh ingredients available. The process used to grind Kissan spices is a very complex one that enables us to preserve the freshness in each and every bottle of Kissan spices. Kissan’s world famous Kissan Tandoori Masala which was created over 30 years ago still remains the top selling Tandoori Masala in all of Canada. The entire line of Kissan masalas, pastes and sauces make cooking authentic Indian food quick and easy for everyone.

Kissan was one of the very first companies to bring pure desi ghee into the Indian market over 20 years ago. The technology and meticulous process used to make each and every bottle of Kissan Desi Ghee is a very unique one that keeps Kissan Desi Ghee as the best selling ghee in the Indian market.

Our line of oils are 100% pure and can be used for various means. Our popular Kissan Almond Oil is a 100% pure rich sweet oil that is excellent for moisturizing the skin and hair and can also be used for cooking gourmet meals. Kissan oils are also key ingredients used in the creation of numerous beauty products in the Canadian market. With over 30 years of experience, the Kissan brand has evolved itself in the competitive Indian market. The experts at Kissan are continuously creating new and innovative authentic food products to better serve our loyal Kissan customers. Launched in 2007, our new line of authentic ready to use sauces have been flying off of store shelves.

With distributors all over Canada, our business is expanding constantly as customers recognize Kissan as their brand of choice when it comes to exceptional authentic products. The Kissan family would like to thank our many distributors, retailers, and our loyal customers for supporting Kissan throughout the years.

Kissan Tandoori Coating Mix | Authentic East Indian

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Kissan International (Canada) Inc.: Canadian manufacturers and wholesalers of authentic East Indian spices, oils, dairy products and condiments under the Kissan name.
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